Project ‘Business Lines’

Customer description: Business Lines

The largest transport and logistics company in Russia that ships truck, container, and air freight and offers a number of associated services.

Information system

Integrated DB based on 1C:Enterprise 8.
2,5K users working 24/7.
Average load: 15,000 queries per second.

Project background

A growth of corporate information system results in higher requirements to the timely choice and implementation of performance-enhancement tools. In early 2013, after the check of previous performance and load distribution benchmarks in the information system, the company decided to test if the new MS SQL Server 2012 could improve the reliability and to see at the Microsoft Technology Center how the new Softpoint Data Cluster software distributes the load in the database server cluster provided by Softpoint CT.

Project goals

• Guaranteed 24/7 IS availability for real-time operation of users, including maintenance tasks in highload systems due to load balancing between DB servers;
• Shorter processing times for 1C user operations and shorter response times for users working with the GUI and certain CIS modules.

Project summary

Even though the Microsoft company confirmed the benchmarks stated in the official press release at the vendor’s web site, Business Lines insisted that the new solutions must demonstrate unquestionable practical results in the particular information system. For this reason, the project consisted mostly of testing the information system with the new DBMS, including working with the AlwaysOn technology, and testing Softpoint Data Cluster to determine the actual load balance between the database servers in 1C:Enterprise 8.

It is also worth noting that all testing activities were carried out without a prepayment, which showed vendor’s trustworthiness and confidence in Microsoft and Softpoint CT products.

The test results then formed the basis of a contract for deploying the solutions into production; if the SLA quality rates had not been met, the client could cancel the service and software purchasing at its sole discretion without any additional liability.

Project results

Deployment of Softpoint Data Cluster into production did not take more than 30% of all project efforts. The final everage effect was 1.5 to 2 times higher than that guaranteed by SLA, and the actual load in the information system was distributed almost evenly. This result was achieved with 2 servers in the DBMS cluster. If a third server is added, the load is also distributed almost evenly between the servers; that means that the IS factor of safety now equals 3, which is very valuable for the company.

The project goals, including strategic ones, have been completely met, the investments are efficient and timely.

The users certainly experience a significant enhancement of the system’s response time in their every-day activities.

After the project is finished, we consider extending the system so that it provides service to at least 5K users simultaneously.

After the project

Currently, we keep in touch with Softpoint CT experts on both technical support for the implemented solution and on the solution upgrade to increase its efficiency in our information system.