Project ‘Enter’

Customer description: ENTER

ENTER is the first multichannel retailer in Russia.  This is a federal fast-growing retail chain.  In 2013, the sales volume reached 7.3 billion rubles incl. VAT (~$200m). By 2014, the company network comprised 128 offline business units in 53 Russian cities.  The company’s product range has reached 53K products in 14 categories (furniture, home appliances, health and beauty, housewares, goods for kids and teens, pet products, DIY, electronics, jewelry and watches, sport and leisure, gifts and hobbies, gardening). In 2013, the company started business operations at its own storage facilities (62K sq. m) in Chekhov (Moscow region).  The sales volume increases 20-25% monthly.

For 2013, the number of staff was 2,500.

System description:

IS:  1C:Enterprise 8 UT

DB Server: MSSQL 2012 Enterprise

DB size: >500GB

Number of users: >500

Project goals:

Guaranteed uninterrupted IS operation during quick and intensive load increases (e.g. during pre-holiday sales).

Applied technologies and solutions:

After the analysis of existing technologies in the market, the Softpoint Data Cluster was chosen, i.e. a technology of horizontal scaling for MSSQL servers, to address two main goals: uninterrupted IS works and increase in the overall performance.

Challenges and features:

This was the first implementation for 1C:Enterprise based IS, hence premium support was provided.  The implementation didn’t require application code changes, thus significantly accelerated its putting into operation.


During New Year sales, on more than five-fold increase of the data flow, this technology has balanced the load between MSSQL servers in the most efficient manner and enabled high service quality for clients at peak load times.  Compared to last year, despite an increase of information flows in this year, the IS response time showed more than double improvement.

A link to the press-release on this implementation .