Softpoint Traffic Simulator is a software to record and reproduce the same SQL Server traffic.

This product is mainly designed for full-scale functional and load testing with no need to design and develop complex and complicated simulation models.

Major achievements with Softpoint Traffic Simulator:

  1. Controlled migration to a higher DBMS version. The migration to a higher version of MSSQL Server is challenged by multiple risks, including partial loss of functionality or performance in highload systems.  Therefore, prior to the actual migration, some compatibility checks for applications and new DBMS system must be completed.  Besides, it must be ensured that the performance for key business operations has not been reduced.  The Softpoint Traffic Simulator allows the complete and guaranteed solution of DBMS migration challenges.
  2. The optimal choice of new equipment. Without full-scale functional and load testing, the HW choice is often based on theories from vendors’ marketing materials, while the behavior of a specific unique system on different HW is nearly unpredictable.  With complete records from productive system during high load, you can reproduce them on any combination of settings and platforms and then prepare a comparison report.   The Softpoint Traffic Simulator completely addresses this issue and justifies the choice of new hardware.

Why use Softpoint Traffic Simulator:

  1. Guaranteed results. Making a load simulation similar to load by users working in the system is a rather complicated and costly challenge.  No test model can simulate the users work in the system. With Softpoint Traffic Simulator, modeling is not required anymore  — you just record the traffic of productive system and play it back in any load test scenarios.
  2. Prompt results. As noted above, with Softpoint Traffic Simulator, modeling is not required anymore — you just record the traffic of productive system and play it back in any load test scenarios.
  3. Optimal flat price compared to other solutions. Development of test loading models may cost several hundreds thousand USD.  SoftPoint Traffic Simulator has a flat price that is, in some cases, many times lower compared to the cost of development of test loading model.
  4. Purchase of the product is not required, you may order the service. The testing tasks may be on a regular or one-off basis.  If the latter, the purchase of Softpoint Traffic Simulator and its utilization may be considered for the period of final project only.