The Softpoint Traffic Simulator is used to record and play back MSSQL network traffic for further analysis. While recording, the sessions are initially synchronized thus providing the initial conditions for traffic playback.  This traffic may be played back on other servers to assess their performance.  The traffic may be played back in two modes: functional testing and load testing.  The functional testing mode is intended to evaluate consistency of query results, response time for specific queries etc.  This mode may be useful to discover DB faults and to perform tests aimed at improvement of system performance.  The load testing mode is applied at initial synchronization of sessions,  i.e. sessions are launched in proper sequence with no further synchronization.  The queries are sent to the server without restoring the queue of their processing.  This mode may be useful in assessment of overall server performance.

Functionality of Traffic Simulator.

  1. Record of SQL traffic filtered by DB name
  2. Record of query plan
  3. Functional testing based on traffic playback
  4. Load testing based on traffic playback
  5. Comparison of results after playback (binary comparison, recordset comparison filtered by column, comparison of query processing time).
  6. Traffic modification on playback (change of query parameters, change of cursors).

Future functionality

  1. Timer records
  2. Specific query tracking
  3. Traffic fast-forward to the time
  4. Scripting of traffic playback
  5. Advanced parametrization of specific queries

Features of TrafficSimulator

The TrafficSimulator consists of several programs: — Traffic Recorder with a control console,
— Traffic Recording Compiler, and
— Traffic Player.

Traffic Recorder is a proxy server that works as a Windows service. All traffic to be recorded passes through the Traffic Recorder.  This service is controlled over an additional console (start and stop of record, data retrieval on the record status, volume of recorded data, number of recorded data packets, status of sessions etc.) The Traffic Recorder ensures session synchronization at the start of the record.

Traffic Recording Compiler – is a software to compile the recorded traffic in a playable format. It parses traffic, sorts by session, specifies initial settings for playback. The Traffic Recording Compiler enables to apply some static operations to the traffic to increase performance and to reduce the load from the Traffic Player.

TrafficPlayer  is a software to play back traffic and to analyze results. The playback settings are specified in the relevant tab.  All comparison and analysis results are displayed in a table form.   This table contains several record types: – in green (information messages indicating the quantity of error-free queries processed before);
– in yellow (messages indicating inconsistencies among query results: processing time differences, size of returned data, binaries of query results);
– in red (errors of query processing).