The Enter has successfully completed the project on implementation of Softpoint Data Cluster and AlwaysOn MS SQL 2012 to balance the load among the DB servers based on 1C:Enterprise IS.  Due to the increase in overall MSSQL DB servers performance, the system users can handle more customers orders without quality compromise.

“For many of our customers the performance increase issues relating to highload IS based on a popular platform 1C:Enterprise and DBMS Microsoft SQL Server 2012 are essential for a quick and flexible response to new business needs.  The Softpoint solution facilitates IS performance increase by adding new instances to the cluster of MS SQL Server based DB servers” – said Boris Shoykhet, an expert on business solutions of Microsoft in Russia.

The SoftPoint Data Cluster technology helps to increase efficiency of the existing HW & SW resources and to estimate an increase in the server HW performance based on the increase of data flows.

“The solution enables – with no changes to application code — to automatically forward more than 30% of load to the additional DB servers.   Besides, the efficiency of load balancing between DB servers can be predicted for the target IS prior to actual implementation” — added Alexander Turkovsky, a cluster technology expert at Softpoint.

The MS SQL 2012 AlwaysOn technology, actively used in the solution, enables IS failover and data accuracy even in cases of contingency.
“Fast and quality service of our clients is critical for success of our company – noted Viktor Pilipchuk, CFO at Enter. – That’s why we engaged Softpoint with its Softpoint Data Cluster technology.  This solution is especially essential during seasonal peak loads, e.g. during sellouts or New Year days, when the number of orders increases quickly and intensively”.

Based on practical use during seasonal loads on the IS caused by sales increase during New Year days in 2013,  we can conclude that the overall performance of IS 1C:Enterprise multiplied thanks to implementation of Softpoint Data Cluster.

This solution has been tested by major companies at MTC (Microsoft Technology Center) in Moscow, where it showed strong efficiency for load balancing between MS SQL based DB servers.  Find more information on this testing at: http://www.microsoft.com/ru-ru/news/archive/2013/05/Microsoft_and_SoftPoint_confirm_efficiency_of_their_product_collaboration.aspx

A link to the Softpoint Data Cluster