About VimpelCom

Vimpelcom is one of the world’s largest integrated telecommunications services operators that includes companies providing voice and data services through a range of traditional and broadband mobile and fixed technologies.  VimpelCom operates around the globe. In 2013, total number of customers exceeded 200M.

Key goals of the project

·         smooth IS migration of 1C:Enterprise based on MS SQL Server 2005 to MS SQL Server 2012.

·         minimize possible downtime related to probable inavailability or low performance for key operations of IS.

Implementation details

The project was completed in shortest possible time — 5 weeks and included the below tasks:

·         Load and functional testing of IS “1C:Enterprise” with Softpoint Traffic Simulator technology.

Adaptation of IS functionality in “1C:Enterprise” for migration to MS SQL 2012.

Monitoring of KPI before and after migration for unbiased assessment of quality of these works.

Details on application of SoftPoint Traffic Simulator in this project

During implementation of this project, the MS SQL traffic of productive system was recorded almost with no additional load.  The recorded traffic was then played back in a new environment almost in the same manner, both in burst mode, and in multistream and concurrent mode on a new DBMS version — MS SQL Server 2012. The comparison helped to detect some unpredictable errors and fix them prior to migration.

Project results

·         Zero-downtime migration of IS 1C:Enterprise to MS SQL 2012 to increase reliability and performance.

No risks of incorrect work or interrupted operation of IS 1C:Enterprise during migration thanks to preliminary testing with the  SoftPoint Traffic Simulator.

·         Availability for future use of all MS SQL 2012 features.

A link to the Softpoint Traffic Simulator